Sex and the City

If you ever watch a marathon of Sex and the City you come to realize that even though this show has some truths there are SO many ridiculous lies. Any tv show about sex and love there will be many fabricated truths and lies but some of the material is hilarious but just what…? Out of everything though the one thing that anyone can take from the tv series as well as the movies the friendship and bond the four women have for one another,

The tv series which started in 1998 and had six seasons to show by focused mainly finding love in New York City. The show focused on other themes like feminism, being open minded when it came to men and people as well as sexuality but mainly focusing on love. Each character – Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes, Charlotte York and lastly Carrie Bradshaw –  provides a distinct je ne sais quois to the show. Samantha Jones powerhouse with her sexuality and thinks like a man. One of the most powerful women in romantic comedy tv show era, Samantha Jones preaches how women should feel entitled like a man when it comes to the bedroom as well as handling herself. She provides comical wisdom to the group with never a dull moment. Miranda Hobbes another powerhouse, she is a hard worker and tattooed against her forehead would read ‘Miss Independent’. Women in the 21st century in – terms of the corporate world – look up to this type of character. Driven by her passion as well as okay with being alone and doing her own thing. Charlotte York America’s sweetheart. She brings a type of vulnerable, optimistic, innocent view to the group which can either be breathtaking or really annoying. Her dream of a happily ever after is what women back in the late 90s I feel was the “thing” or end game. Although Charlotte’s thoughts and ideas could be considered naive she did allow the other women to reevaluate what they really wanted in life. Lastly Carrie Bradshaw the main character really that the show revolves around. Carrie in all honestly is somewhat of a shitty person, she is dramatic and quite selfish. Even so though the other three women rely on her so much throughout the seasons.

Every friend group has a different dynamic that works for them, this particular friend group works well with one another. They are somewhat codependent on one another which allows them to feel safe and needed when men do not want them. Overall they are a strong group of women that have each other. That is another main focus of the show as well as the two movies. Friendship is key in this life now a days. Without your friends being there for you what else do you have? You can throw yourself into your career but that can get lonely too, friendship is what life is about. At a fast rate women are becoming more independent and less dependent on men to make us feel happy. Women should not forget about men completely because that is not realistic but to quote Charlotte York, “maybe we can be each other’s soul mates, and then we can let men be just these great, nice guys to have fun with” (S4Ep1). There is a truth to this statement, friends can be one another soul mates, friends are the ones that have known and understood you the longest. They have definitely seen you at your worst and best within the years you have been friends and they have DEFINITELY helped you done outrageous embarrassing things you should never partake in.

Continuing with women, power, feminism and “squad goals” Sex and the City continues along the journey of that 21st century women are gearing towards more and more. I think we should keep going in this direction but not forget about men. #GirlPower


Too Old For Summer Flings?

Summer is coming to an end, coming home from family vacations and getting ready for school. Unpacking and packing is the primary activity that will be happening for the next week or two. Creating lists to make sure that you have everything for school whether it be school supplies, dorm supplies or apartment/house supplies. As the hustle and bustle begins sadly summer flings come to and end. A definition of a summer fling is you do stuff with someone whether it be sexual or not and when the summer ends your relationship also ends and you part ways. According to movies summer flings are what makes summer amazing, for example when you watch Grease and see Sandy and Danny’s summer fling you always think “man that looks awesome, I want that.” My question is when are you too old to have summer flings? When are summer flings no longer considered summer flings?

I met up with a friend this past week catching up on our lives and I mentioned that I was currently seeing someone and categorized it as a summer fling. Immediately he said that summer flings at our age don’t exist and there is not way it’s just a fling. I questioned him because why couldn’t my summer fling be a summer fling. From that he then proceeded to explain why not- at our age every interaction we have in a scenario like this isn’t as causal as we think anymore. As we get older any type of intimate interactions we have no longer are as care free and light as we think. We start to reach a point in our lives where meeting someone isn’t as easy as it use to be in college and in high school. Once you’re out of school it’s harder to introduce yourself to people and get to know people without having that type of pressure. I find myself to be somewhat oblivious in these situations but when brought to my attention it makes complete sense.

Long story short though the “summer fling” didn’t continue. The chemistry was there but when beginning a new relationship there are two characteristics you need, chemistry and timing. If you have one without the other it doesn’t work. Since I’ve been back we have talked very briefly and nothing serious, he’s busy and so am I. I do think that although we had a great summer together enjoying one another’s company, because of this past summer maybe in the future our paths could cross again. As cliche as that sounds though who knows what will happen. I will say this, because the future is so ambiguous and no one has a definite idea of what will happen, maybe this “summer fling” down the road could turn into more. For though I will categorize this situation as a summer fling, no quotations.