The ‘Almost Love’

We’ve all had it. That person that you aren’t quite sure yet if you love but you think that the feeling you have is, and until it’s gone then you realize it was close enough to love. Now there’s a difference between loving someone and BEING in love with someone. Being in love, well I’m not entirely sure how you feel or how you know so I can’t speak to that. But loving a person is usually understood that you care immensely for this person, you will help them in as many ways as you can, hope great things for them and you don’t need to be with them.

Again I can’t represent the people who have actually been IN love and I could only imagine what it’s like to have your heart completely shattered when being in love but the ‘almost love’ effect 100% sucks. I would imagine this feeling is just a slight level below what it would be like to have your heart shattered. All the what-ifs pop into your head, what if this happened or what if I did this differently etc.

Little things remind you of this person and you want to reach out to them but you don’t. Why not? Because that relationship has either faded or is still in the process of fading. You remember all the good times you’ve had together and all the dreams you’ve discussed with one another. As you were discussing all these dreams and ideas with each other you thought, “This couldn’t be getting any better, wow he/she is so passionate and I really like him/her.” Then it ends and you think, “Wow so naive and young what was I doing.”

It’s years later and you’ve moved on, you’ve slept with others, seen others as well hell maybe you’ve actually had another significant other. But you have that one moment of weakness that allows you to think about the ‘almost love’ and those feelings spiral up again, which leads to you thinking what if. What if I  reach out to him/her? What if they respond and it’s great? But what if I reach out and it’s bad? Many thoughts run through your head and at the end of the day you don’t. You don’t because you know deep down it’s better that way and that deep down you actually are okay.





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