Holiday Cheer

I love this time of year hell I start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween, yes I’m one of those type of people. I start watching Christmas movies, read Buzzfeed Christmas articles, baking goods the whole nine yards.   Because I’m a big supporter of Christmas and just the holiday spirit in general I also like to help people when it comes to gift giving.

I work in retail and around this time of year it gets super busy. Everyone is rushing through the stores to get last minute gifts for their loved ones or the best gift that they can find. Working in retail has given me more patience than I’ve had before. I enjoy helping customers try and find gifts because in a way they allow me into their life for a moment or two. They share their holiday traditions, where they go, what they eat and how much fun they have. My one big complaint (and no offense) how blind people can be when they come into the store.

There have been many times when I’m helping people find items or ordering items for them and as I’m helping them they’ll look through the merchandise we have, pick it all up and then just drop it on the floor or just leave it in a pile of clutter. I don’t mind in the beginning because sometimes people are just oblivious, they’re in a rush and they don’t mean to be rude. Where I draw the line is when customers clearly see me folding a stack of shirts, pants, sweaters, socks whatever it maybe I walk away and then they completely disregard that I folded it and make a mess. I also draw the line if they see me fold the merchandise and while they’re looking through the pile they just throw it on the ground and walk away.

I understand that people are in a rush and get annoyed and frustrated when stores sell out of items but I’m sorry that doesn’t mean that customers coming into the store need to mess up the merchandise and make the store very messy. I also understand that by working in retail that’s my job. I signed up for that but being a sales associate and being a customer is a two way street. I’m here to help you and you’re there to tell me what you need, but you’re also there because you need help.When people seek out help usually they’re nice about it and respect the person they’re getting help from. So why is that any different when you’re trying to get help from a retail store?

Everyone has their bad days and there are a lot of external or internal factors when customers come in if they’re in bad moods and just want to get in and out. As sales associates we understand that, we just ask that you’re more aware of what you’re doing and treat our stores and us with a little more respect.